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"Riding to music, making up my own dressage tests, negotiating fun and interesting obstacles, with like minded people just wanting to enjoy their horses, has taken over my life. Who would have thought.....Thank you for introducing me to all this."

PB United Kingdom

" I am so thrilled you have ventured into Intelligent Trick Horse Training as my young horse, too young to be ridden yet, is just loving it & gaining so much confidence."

TJ South Australia

" It is so fantastic to be learning things like flying changes, piaffe and passage, all the two track work, Spanish walk and trot, levade and even little things like girthing up thoughtfully. I didn't know this was possible to learn in Australia."

YK Western Australia

" Thank you for helping me train my horse to be so responsive, light, supple and most importantly I know in my heart he is so much happier with me now."

MJ South Australia

" My dream was to learn on a beautifully schooled horse. Thank you for making that dream an ongoing reality."

HL South Australia

" You both explain and demonstrate things so well that I learnt more in my first few lessons than the past 6 years of lessons. I will definitely be using you guys to help me train my next horse but in the meantime I am loving learning so much from your horses."

SJM South Australia

The help I have received on-line and over the phone while looking for my next horse has been nothing short of amazing.  You saved me making the wrong decision a number of times.   I highly recommend everyone to tap into your huge amount of knowledge and experience to avoid a BIG mistake.           

PC New South Wales

Driving to work thinking how lucky I am to have an awesome instructor.  Thankyou (smily face).

MS South Australia

I have learnt so much from you and Barrie and I am so grateful my son has been able to learn from you too now.  Because of memory problems, retaining information is hard for him, so to have an understanding instructor was paramount and I knew this to be true of you both, that is why we decided to drive down during the school holidays and have a lesson every day for 2 weeks during the holidays.  Boy was it worth it.  We hope to be back next holidays.

CQ Queensland

My weekly visits to you, all those years ago, were the happiest and most rewarding times with my horses, and I miss those times very much.  Thankyou for the memories.  They are cherished.

RM Darwin

I was very nervous about spending the money to fly over to ride with you both.  I can't believe how much you crammed into the time and my head.  I will be back next year with my next 'wish list'.  

PB Canberra

I have ridden all my life on the other side of the planet.  I can't believe I found you guys, and your beautifully quiet but oh-so-light and well trained horses, in a place called Adelaide.  What a find.  Have you ever thought of moving to the UK???    

NS United Kingdom