Barries’ Profile

  • barrie-mozart-during-a-performanceFulltime Professional Coach and Clinician for 40 years
  • National ‘A’ level Dressage Judge for 30 years
  • Judge Educator and Mentor
  • Regular Judge of Online Horse Competitions
  • Author

Barrie has trained with Masters around the globe including World and Olympic Dressage Champion Dr Elena Petoshkova and in Portugal with Maestro Nuno Oliveira.

Barrie has a passion for mentoring riders, loves training horses and is author of many articles, including the ‘3Cs’ series published in the Baroque Horse Magazine which describe how Calm, Confident and Connected horses are the product of correct training methods.

As a professional coach and trainer, Barrie has guided and continues to guide many riders and horses to compete successfully up to and including Grand Prix level dressage at National Championships, CDI-N and CDI-W competitions.


  • takes great care to develop and optimise horse’s paces
  • is an expert at assessing the individual needs of horses and riders
  • is able to communicate and demonstrate schooling methods clearly and effectively
  • has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help riders understand the biomechanics of both horse and rider
  • caters for all levels of horse and rider  - everyone starts somewhere....
  • loves to share his knowledge of Classical Equitation