Long Distance Help & Judging

We Offer Long Distance Help & Judging to Clients from the country, interstate and overseas.

Barrie is a fulltime Dressage Coach, Accredited ‘A’ Level Dressage Judge, Educator and Mentor with decades of experience in his own State, Interstate and Overseas.

Sarita has been starting, educating and re-educationg horses for more decades than she wants to say, her students call her ‘Mrs Wikipedia’ as there isn’t much about horses, their training and retraining that she doesn’t know. She keeps being asked to write books and produce DVD’s to share some of her vast knowledge – it is on her ‘to do’ list.

  • Send questions by email.
  • Send Questions via Private Message on Facebook.
  • Attach photos or videos to an email .
  • Attach photos or videos via Private Message on Facebook.
  • Send a YouTube link.
  • Phone help available by appointment.
  • Face to face help by appointment.

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We offer expert advice on ALL your horse questions.

We also offer advice on horses that are for sale and offer expert pre and post purchase assessments.
We are always happy to share our broad knowledge and wide experience….
So don’t be shy, take the plunge and ask!

We can...
  • Answer queries.
  • Watch and comment on any training or riding areas that you need help with.
And Barrie being an 'A' Level Dressage Judge can...
  • Watch and comment on Dressage Tests including EA, Western, Working Equitation, HRCAV & Cowboy Dressage
Horse Competitons Online - http://www.horsecompetitionsonline.com/

Their vision is for everyone, everywhere, to have the opportunity to participate and achieve their fullest potential in Dressage at an affordable price.

Barrie and I would encourage all riders to consider "having a go" at competing online. Every horse sport in America has gone this way, right through from liberty to the highest level of riding.