Horses In Training

Horses trained at our property, your property, any State or Country
Attention is given to horses remaining calm and confident while –
  • the horse learns to understand the natural aids – whether learning new work initially or increasing their knowledge
  • using Classical exercises and movements to systematically educate the horse
  • adapting our training to suit the individuality and consequent special requirements of all breeds and types
  • recognising each horse’s strengths and weaknesses and then adapting the training regime to suit each individual horse
  • developing an elastic trot and canter
  • educating the horse so he or she can confidently load their hind quarters
  • establishing connection, throughness and swinging through the back
  • keeping the owner informed through the whole process whether local, Interstate or Overseas
Going Away?  Very Busy?  Convalescing? – We can keep your horse in work.
  • Your horse can be agisted with us during training periods in a safe individual paddock or stable and yard.
  • Frequency and length of training is determined by horse and owner’s individual requirements, horses age, level of fitness, etc.
  • Costs worked out to suit individual needs, frequency of training sessions and length of sessions.
  • We train horses and ponies for:
    • Dressage from Preliminary to Grand Prix
    • The Show Ring
    • Working Equitation – Dressage & Style (Obstacle) Phase
    • Non-competition horses
    • Pleasure riding horses
    • Trick horses and ponies


Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

Landline:  (+61 8) 8370.9809   | Barrie: 0400.639.909   |  Sarita: 0408.084.777

Or: SMS Barrie:   0400.639.909